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Learn about the importance of adaptability, flexibility, and excellence in brand communication to reconnect with consumers and stay relevant in the new context.

For a year, one of the most important engines of the Romanian economy stopped with the crisis generated by the pandemic. Today, the hospitality industry is going through a process of relaunching, with adaptability and flexibility being the keywords to reopen its doors and reconnect with consumers. How brands in this field can remain relevant in the new context, how the consumer has changed in more than a year of pandemic and how excellence becomes the new standard in brand communication, we learn from Dragoș Bocai, Managing Partner Mediascope.

Mediascope works with a lot of businesses from the hospitality industry. From your perspective, how has the HoReCa industry in Romania changed in the last year?

It is no surprise for anyone that HoReCa is one of the most affected industries in the last year marked by the pandemic, which meant for businesses in this field great efforts to survive in the face of the tsunami that stormed the globe. Currently, we are in a context of industry recovery allowed by the evolution of the national epidemiological situation.

Thus, businesses in the field have managed to open their doors and receive customers again, but we can no longer talk about returning to the previous reality. We adapt to a new normal and respond to current consumer expectations.

This means more brands brave enough to experience new territories and more open to innovation, which we can easily help them find the best way to express themselves.

Last but not least, another visible change is the acceleration of the digitalization process in this industry, started by the pandemic and through which we saw many traditional brands that have developed their digital persona and a new channel through which they can connect with their audience.

How has the pandemic influenced consumer behaviour in general? Can you see some trends already outlined?

The lockdown period radically changed the way brands communicate with consumers, with a strong focus on digital. Even now, personal health safety remains high on their list of concerns, and brands need to take this into account when planning actions in the near future. 

For us – Mediascope – this period was a real challenge, but we managed to be more creative than ever, to find unique solutions for our clients, and to adapt quickly to the new reality. Thus, we have implemented numerous projects to digitize the Retail categories, with the help of our tools.

One example would be Premiomatul or contactless activations, which is a solution to automate the conduct of promotional campaigns and consumer awarding, completely safe and that meet exactly the present needs of the brands.

On the other hand, during this period, especially, people are looking for lost social interaction. They want to stay safe, but also to be connected, to find again their hobbies, old and new places to meet friends, experiences that will help them get out of the routine of the last year. A routine that is already becoming difficult to carry out.

How can brands adapt to the new context and stand out?

Today, the need to have an eye-popping brand is more important than ever. The consumer must be motivated to leave the comfort zone, which so hardly was attained in March 2020, but which he easily prefers now.

At the same time, brands must pay attention to the much higher expectations of consumers, expectations that challenge us to set a new standard of excellence in communicating with them. And the summer season is an excellent opportunity for brands to stand out, to tell a new story, crochet unique experiences and at the same time offer people the perfect and safe framework for socialization.

From the Mediascope portfolio, the latest example in this regard is the INFINITY by Corona project, developed and implemented for our partner Bergenbier S.A., the only authorized distributor of this brand in Romania and with which we already have a history and many previous successful projects.

This perfect mix between a long-term partner, an experienced operator, and our know-how has generated the perfect space to reconnect consumers with nature, but also with the spirit of Corona brand – INFINITY by Corona.

What does the Infinity Beach by Corona project mean? How did the brief look like?

From the beginning, the project came with a major challenge in the context of relaunching the hospitality industry – the client needed people to feel safe at the location and to express this without saying it, to motivate them to come here and to turn the location into “the place to bee this summer”, at the same time taking care that the brand experience isn’t overshadowed either.

Practically, a unicorn 😊 This is how this concept was born, created to become a place close to nature for the people to enjoy the seaside in a safe environment. Infinity Beach has been specially organized with separate spaces for each activity – bar, leisure, and beach area, which together create the Corona atmosphere, a brand that means freedom of expression and openness to nature.

In implementing the project, we were careful that each element we make available to people to integrate naturally with the brand experience and to find a utility. At the same time, we pay great attention to the quality of the materials and to the way we tell the story of a global brand in Romania.

What was the main objective of the project?

The wish of all those involved in this project was to build THAT perfect space at the seaside – an oasis of peace where you can escape from this turbulent period, in which the Corona brand tells a story coherently and encourages you to socialize responsibly.

The main objective was to exceed people’s expectations through a special setting that perfectly depicts the spirit of Corona, from the way the elements are placed on the beach, to the relaxing atmosphere you have when enjoying a lime beer by the sea.

How did the whole implementation process look like?

In each project we are involved, we go through five in-house stages of development – from analysis, research and creative process, to production and implementation at the location.

INFINITY Beach by Corona was finished in 16 weeks and we were happy to work with partners strongly anchored in the hospitality industry, solution-oriented.

Within Mediascope we follow our won process developed based on the experience gained, a process that is currently applied both locally and internationally by retail brands, and which allows us not to lose sight of the main element of any project implemented: the experience offered to people, which must be authentic and in line with what the brand means, as well as excellence as a standard of communication.

Present in Romania for 17 years, Mediascope is focused on best-practice building and 360 brand management, currently managing projects in the hospitality industry for more than 20 international brands. Founded in 2004, Mediascope is a company of 20 creative, passionate and visionary people, and is structured across several business areas, including shopper marketing, retail experience design, and HoReCa flagship concepts and implementation, to retail custom furniture, consumer campaigns in modern and traditional retail, to rapid prototyping and custom brand POSM production, as well as the development of trade marketing toolkits for international brands. For more information, visit www.mediascope.ro.

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