Dragoș Bocai, Managing Director Mediascope, Interview for MISTERWATCH | Porsche 75th Annyversary

Dragos Bocai is a simple but complex man. As people are born with passions, he considers himself lucky enough to have discovered his passion for Porsche and be able to cultivate it. He remains passionate about a brand with unique values and a story.

What is the difference between a car enthusiast and a user?

The enthusiast spends a lot of time studying details that a user is not interested in, is always up to date with the latest news in the field and makes his passion an element that defines him.

What does Porsche mean to you?

Something I have a natural connection to, we share parts of each other’s DNA. We have a common vision and Porsche is part of what Dragoș Bocai means as a person.

What is the main difference between Porsche and other brands in the sports segment?

It’s a question that seems easy to answer, but it’s actually not that easy. For me, Porsche is a perfect, versatile car, with which you can go to sports as well as to a business meeting, a car with tradition and values that transcend time barriers, a „timeless” car, something that can be said only about a very few cars in the sports segment.

How did you get to the Porsche brand? Which is your favorite model and why?

It was a passion that started since childhood when I only saw a Porsche in movies and dreamed of this car, its story and the values that underpin the brand and the 911 model. Later I took the steps towards a Porsche 911 Carerra S and I thought it was strange what I was told when I got the keys – „it’s the first 911”. It’s a one way street as they say, it’s a perfect car for me and I enjoy every moment I drive it. It is a discreet but special car, gentle but aggressive, a perfect mix of sensations and experiences.

How does it feel to be part of the Porsche story on the brand’s 75th anniversary?

Glad to be a part of this group that shares some values and a beautiful story.

How would you like the brand to evolve over the next 75 years?

I like the current direction in which the brand finds associations with activities and people who share the brand’s vision and values, for example the association with kitesurfing, a sport for which I share the same intense passion. I want this direction to blend harmoniously with the technology that will surely evolve and make its mark in the development of future models.

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