Mediascope in the brand management process for international brands

The dynamics of the markets are in a close connection with the societies we live in, being directly influenced by the political and social events that take place, by the local culture and technological evolution, but also by the behaviors of producers and consumers.

A rapid pace

At an increasingly rapid pace, people are exposed to a lot of information, and in the current context, where the predictability of an economic and social stability is not homogenous, both customers, and brands are in a state of continuous transition. The needs and expectations of customers are changing, and brands are taking these into account in order to remain relevant and competitive.

Thus, brands try to create new experiences for their customers, maintain the relationship they have with them and demonstrate that the mission and the assumed values are their statement. This way they do not only attract and retain customers, but also build trust and loyalty among them, elements that are essential for long-term success.

According to the study conducted by IBM – Consumers want it all, consumers expect companies to meet their needs and live up to their social and environmental responsibility requirements, and the shopping process must be sometimes a quick and efficient one, sometimes rich and full of experiences, but always easy and intuitive. In addition, consumers expect brands to be responsive and accessible, with convenient and efficient services for the customers and offer competitive pricing.

Investing in communication

Companies invest a lot of resources in communication for the brands they own, especially in the international brands that lead global and regional communications based on clear strategies, which will convey unity, consistency and innovation to their customers.

Branding is a crucial aspect in any company’s marketing campaigns, as it helps to create a unique identity and differentiate from competitors. It also plays an important role in the brand management process, through which companies ensure that owned brands are efficiently communicated and presented to consumers.

This involves careful planning, execution and continuous monitoring. Companies that understand the importance of brand communication and the benefits it brings are investing significant resources in this direction.  As a result, according to the Media Fact Book 2022 research conducted by Initiative, the total media market in Romania reached 642 million euros, 7% more than the previous year.

A creative mind

Regional and international brands that have a global focus research and analyze a series of factors necessary to develop a strategy, such as the level of development of the market, competition, market positioning, audience segments, brand identity in relation to that company, perception of brand values, budget and timing.

Thus, this accumulation of factors helps brands to reach the target audience and achieve their business goals. Based on them, a regional communication strategy is developed, which emerges from global communication, and through the obtained results, they attribute added value to the global situation. In this regard, brands seek to collaborate with creative partners, who understand and learn their business and branding directions in order to offer customers unique and innovative experiences.

In general, working with creative partners can help brands access valuable expertise, new ideas and cost-effective solutions.

A creative mindset

Mediascope is a company with a creative mindset, run in the spirit of quality and attention to the smallest details, which creates campaigns with a strong impact, that leverage brands and brings consumers a new story of the brands they appreciate. Quality at the level of excellence is Mediascope’s commitment to all the projects in which it is involved.  

The regional brand management strategy is the key to an efficient communication of the brands that want a successful integration in the different markets in which they operate. However, the limitation to the specifications and benefits of the product limits the success of the brand’s integration in a new market, so it is necessary to analyze the aspects previously mentioned, along with the adjustment of the strategy with the regional and cultural specificities of the society.

Proving through campaigns

Mediascope has proved through its campaigns that the ground zero is represented by the approached strategy, based on researching the behavior and needs of consumers, using in its productions a variety of elements and technologies to generate awareness through unique experiences created for consumers. Among these campaigns was, for example, a gamification campaign made for an international brand, which consisted of a series of in-store activations leading to a landing page, where the consumer was in contact with the respective brand and registered in a contest.

All activations and branding elements represent a way of communication and interaction between the consumer and the brand and represent the moment when the brand offers an experience to the consumer. The quality of the interaction and the achievement of the proposed objectives are given by the ingenuity of the activation message, the way it is carried out and the quality of the materials used.

Creative Concepts

Mediascope offers to its clients creative concepts and designs combining architecture, technology, strategy and creativity to create unique experiences for consumers, achieving in-house everything they deliver: from custom brand POSMs, custom design for HoReCa activations or for special projects, such as the Beach Bars series of projects, up to trade marketing toolkits.

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