Mediascope’s work philosophy – from brief to outcome

Two years have passed since the beginning of the pandemic, and during this period, we went through a paradigm shift in consumer behavior. FMCG brands need to adapt to this ever-changing situation to survive the present and the future. 

The consumer’s motivational strategies, generated by the pandemic context, determined him to want to consume responsibly and regain control of his own life. This feeling was influenced by the uncertainty with which things unfolded all this time. A study conducted in September 2021 by our partner iSense Solutions shows that 46% of Romanians in urban areas say they feel out of control over things around them, and 61% of them say they want to escape from the present context. 

Brand communication must aim to reach these neuralgic points, from an emotional point of view, to communicate humanely, sincerely, and directly. At the same time, from a functional point of view, communication must keep its relevance, as the consumer is very attentive and will follow those brands that offer products relevant to his needs. Quality assurance and the security of a fair price will tip the scales towards the decision to buy or not to buy a certain brand. 

The challenges in this industry have remained constant and are like a force that spins the creative engine. They started more aggressively on a pandemic background because, at least until the first days of the summer of 2020, the brands had a chaotic response – some of them were very present and vocal, others put the shares on hold and waited shyly. The consumer is very receptive and can notice the presence or absence of certain brands, and all the decisions of that period have resulted in increases or decreases in volumes. 

To remain relevant as a brand, you need smart marketing actions that prove the consumer’s understanding and the reality on the ground and which, of course, can be integrated into a coherent plan. To be present is a necessity. To be human is vital. A competent team with the necessary expertise to provide constant support is an optimal solution in times of crisis. 

How was Mediascope born?

Mediascope was born many years ago, in 2004. After several transformations and additions in the capacity structure, it has reached maturity and we can say that for seven years it has been offering impeccable 360 services, with 0% tolerance for compromising quality. 

Our creative team has solid skills in all the relevant specializations we need – Graphic & 3D Design, Scenography, Architecture, Product Design, Landscaping, Branding, so we deliver solutions and ideas that differentiate us in the environment in which we operate. 

At the same time, we have our production halls in Bucharest and Targoviste, which allows us to have full control over the quality of our products and delivery times. Moreover, we have our fleet of cars and a dedicated team for transport and implementation. 

How does Mediascope approach a brief?

Each project is designed in a 5-stage process, which has proven its effectiveness over the years: research and strategy, creation and design, prototype, production and implementation, as well as monitoring and reporting of results. It’s a way of working that characterizes us and helps us offer our complete expertise to our clients. 

Efficiency and the desire to innovate turns every brief into a milestone in our goal to provide excellent services. Our services are not addressed to all customers, but only to those that have a similar vision to ours and allocate resources in this regard. We are not following the standard route in developing the brief, and if we choose a “traditional” one, we are careful to offer the Mediascope alternative – the innovation that is “seen” in the market, as our slogan says: Made to be seen.

A special example in this manner was the “Premiomat” – a smart device used in promotional campaigns, born in 2019 from our desire to come up with innovative solutions for the customers’ needs. We implemented it for the first time in Romania together with one of our partners, and it proved to be a real success. 

The values that guide our daily activity start from collaboration – because we know that the best results appear when we listen to the needs of our clients. Then we believe and support discipline – talent without organization and effort is worthless.

At the same time, we have ambition – we want to do better and more every time, and we treat every project as the first in the relationship with any of our clients. Responsibility for details – yes, we are obsessed with them because we know that the success of our projects depends on this. And finally, we support our partners 24/7. 

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