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Trendsetters in retail marketing, Mediascope experts talk about a series of successful practices through which brands can develop efficient communication with their target audience. Present on the Romanian market for 17 years, Mediascope delivers best-practice building and 360 brand management, currently managing the implementation of cross-channel trade-marketing projects for more than 20 international brands. 

Respondents: Tanya Calagi (Architect), Razvan Coste (Creative Director), and Alin Ion (Head of Production).

Creativity in shopper marketing campaigns – how important is the creative idea?

Tanya CALAGI: The creative idea is the decisive element that sets it apart from all other previous campaigns. Every brand comes with a set of clear rules which allows the development of campaigns in various ways so that the message is conveyed correctly. Here is the duty of the “creative element” to use all these aspects to preserve the brand’s authenticity and to bring in the “new”.

The public’s attention is retained forever when a familiar brand can constantly move a step forward while maintaining its identity and authenticity. All these changes take place because their attention is easily distracted due to the large volume of visual content they receive daily. Thus, with a set of data and the creative factor that offers infinite opportunities, we can assure the success of each new campaign. 

How do we adapt the ATL component for all communication channels with the consumer?

Razvan COSTE: In 2021, the way a consumer interacts with brands has changed significantly. We have to make sure that when the consumer goes through different touchpoints, they have to work perfectly and provide a seamless experience, both online and offline. This is the most important aspect of an omnichannel strategy. 

Last year, almost 90% of consumers interacted with digital channels. Moving offline, in-store interaction and mass advertising must be accompanied by a high degree of customer service, to obtain the best results. 

There are multiple ways to understand today’s consumer journey to integrate the ATL component, and everything begins with research and data. The resources need to be improved to take advantage of the opportunity that the omnichannel strategy offers us, especially as brands need to cover this need of consumers and to offer them a satisfying experience. 

Best practice rules implemented by Mediascope in the creative shopper marketing campaigns:

    1. Creativity: Thinking out of the box is a way of working required often.
    1. Quality: there’s no room for compromise.
    1. Teamwork: creativity takes shape in a team.
    1. Shopper target: must be designed for all age groups, depending on the target.
    1. Flexibility: we need to make sure that the same campaign corresponds to more than one physical location.
    1. Feasibility: easy to implement, transport, assembly.

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