About the design in HoReCa and the trends’ impact on the industry

The hospitality industry is growing and changing rapidly, and as in any other field, businesses need to keep up and follow the current trends, especially from the design point of view. This contributes to the longevity of the business and helps customers feel that they have come to the right place. In 2022, trends emphasize on natural elements, textures, sustainability, utility and flexibility.

An optimal design is simple, but at the same time attractive to consumers through its unique approach. An element that is considered and has a strong impact on the design is the color palette, and for this year the trends are going towards warm colors.

New trends can be considered as new directions to be explored, but what are they and how do they appear?

HoReCa Trends

Trends don’t just arise from marketing or necessity. It’s also about the emotional impact that an idea has on the target audience. Trends are also formed according to the importance that creators, designers or architects attach to the problems faced by humanity, but also to its needs. For example, the issue of sustainability and global warming has led to the creation of “living walls”. They contribute to a pleasant appearance and provide a green frame, suggesting freshness, cleanliness and coolness. At the same time, through the prism of utility, they reduce air pollution and bring thermal benefits to buildings, decreasing the level of noise and improving the feeling of well-being.


Another trend that is gaining more and more ground, including in the HoReCa industry, is minimalism. Whether we are talking about restaurants, cafes, boutiques, the idea is the same, namely to generate an airy, simple space that offers everything the consumer needs. In this case, the focus is oriented on utility and simplicity, and the main idea is less is more. Minimalism is a style that is easy to implement and adapt for a variety of spaces and, at the same time, with fewer elements around it is easier to help the consumers to pay attention to what you want to show them.

The use of simple materials, but with a strong, lush and quality impact has a powerful effect on the well-being of the consumer. As an example, in a project recently carried out for a seaside location, together with the Mediascope team, we used various elements, but which complement each other. In an arid space we have created a perfect oasis of relaxation and tranquility, with lush vegetation. By combining natural elements, vegetation and wood, we have created a place that inspires coolness and natural, all under a rich and lively look. The wood, the star of this project, is a complex material – the same old piece with a lot of cracks and imperfections can convey the idea of old, unkempt and spoiled, or maybe it emerges as an aged element, resistant and full of stories, depending on the context in which it is located.

Modular Furniture

Another trend that I have noticed in HoReCa design is modular furniture. A great benefit of this is the easy adaptation to the changing needs of a space or even of consumers. This type of furniture helps to capitalize on the space efficiently and to reconfigure and rearrange it easily.  A very good example of the usefulness of modular furniture is its use in the implementation of seasonal terraces. A pleasant space that can easily adapt to the needs of customers, contributing positively to their overall experience, and such modular furniture comes with a plus in this regard.

Work made to be seen

At Mediascope we follow and keep up constantly with the latest trends. We deliver end-to-end projects and offer 360 brand management services. In the activities carried out for our clients we follow five stages of development – from analysis, to research and creation, to production and implementation of the project. In everything we do at Mediascope, we take into account the transmission of emotion and experience, which are key traits in successful projects.  Design also plays an important role. Amid simplicity and banality seems to be a small distance, but behind a simple form there is often a lot of work and creativity.

Mediascope does not compromise on the quality of the projects we carry out.  We always use high quality materials  and we are especially attentive to the small details that make the difference. Creativity is our strong point because we deliver results beyond expectations, offer new solutions and visions, while taking into account the stories behind the projects, the costs and the technologies involved in the projects. Thus, what we do is work made to be seen, because we relate to the reality in the industry and build unique projects.

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