Mediascope: Brand trends at the 2022 festival analysis

Festivals, already popular in Romania, have gained an even greater momentum this summer, after two years of restrictions and lack of events. Brands were, of course, on duty with activations, as this are a good way to connect with the target audience.

Therefore, the festivals did not lack brand activations, because in the end they also contribute a lot to creating the festival experience for the public. After being at the most important festivals in the country with Mediascope, I was able to observe the trends launched by brands and how they communicated and interacted with the festival-goers this summer.

Strong Experiences

Brands have emphasized strong experiences, sensations and adrenaline. I saw climbing walls, a circuit of physical exercises, places for skating or dancing on roller skates, hot air balloons and platforms that lifted you to a great height to have a cocktail. Of course, for those less eager for adventure, there was no lack of specially arranged spaces for relaxation and socialization, all with a very Instagrammable appearance. A unique relaxing experience that I have noticed was the outdoor cinema at the festival.

Wellness activations

Wellness activations have also appeared, and brands have taken care of consumers, offering activities varying from yoga classes and exercise machines to specially designed spaces for blood pressure check or Barber Shops and hair styling and make-up studios within the festival.

Utility Objective

Even the utility objective was ticked by several brands that created spaces where you could charge your phone and markets with everything necessary for those in the camping area. A brand that offered soundproof headphones for children was also present.

Photo Interactivity

A common trend at all festivals is photo interactivity – from photo corners to online contests based on photos. They are very much appreciated by those who want to share their experience from the festival online and keep their memories immortalized.

Sustenability Trend

The sustainability trend has been adopted by brands including in their activities at festivals. Caring for nature and generating energy were found in a specially created game. The purpose of these activities being the awareness of the problems related to global warming, recycling, finite resources, but also the change of consumer behavior.

Pushed by local artists

The design and support of local artists were other aspects that brands emphasized. I also saw stores dedicated to local handmade products, but also wow spaces that promoted design by interacting with a certain brand.

Sampling, the most basic type of activation, remains in trend this year as well, as it is an easy way for the consumer to befriend and know the brand.


All these experiences of interaction between consumers and the brand lead to their loyalty. We, at Mediascope, have all the necessary resources to deliver results beyond expectations, we have production halls, warehouses, all the logistics that a brand needs from one end to the other. At Mediascope we encourage brands to tell their story in the most creative way possible and to surprise every time.

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