Mediascope delivers best-practices in this summer’s marketing activations

The local market is entering a new rhythm, with the restrictions being lifted and the return to the previous mode of operation. However, can we still say that we are the same in terms of behavior and consumption habits? Expectations are different.

After two years of looking for a new balance and getting used to operating according to certain parameters, today the consumer is looking to make up for the lost time and discover new experiences. An iSense Solutions study launched in 2021 shows that 82% of Romanians in urban areas say that they need relaxation. Thus, they will look for new ways of interacting and entertainment, expecting new experiences from their favorite brands.

The Freeman Global Brand Experience study, 2019, showed that 98% of consumers are inclined to buy products after direct interaction with a brand within a pop-up store or BTL activation. The data shows us how important it is to create a connection with the consumer, and after such a long period in which he preferred to make his purchases mainly online, brands are eager to bring him back to stores, back to offline. And this is only possible if we connect to his present needs, expectations and the way he prefers to interact with the world around him.

Experiences in phygital

Technology has been the bridge with the outside world during lockdown and we have witnessed a huge wave of digitization in as many industries as possible. This is also the way how Mediascope encourages brands to connect with consumers. We have discovered the benefits of online, but we lack the human connection.

Nonetheless physical stores remain the preferred type of store for shopping (84%), shows an iSense study conducted this year. So, brands are looking towards a mix between online and offline in the shopper marketing strategy and we will see phygital content that will allow the consumer to reserve online a place at a pop-up store and enjoy the offline experience, for example, without spending time in the line.

The experience starts in online and ends in offline.

Authenticity remains the most important asset

Mediascope helps brands to be careful to the needs of the consumer and to come up with activations and experiences that complement their expectations, while maintaining the values that guide them. These must be reflected in all environments, including outdoors.

So, in developing an activity dedicated to the consumer, Mediascope is up to date with what moves the consumer and how we can come up with a new experience that tells the story of the brand as authentically as possible.

An authentic narrative builds consumer trust and ultimately leads to the brand’s goal of loyalty.

Pop-up activations will continue to grow in popularity

It is very useful for a brand that wants to interact with its audience in offline, but does not have a budget to rent a commercial space for a long period of time, to come up with a pop-up store activation, which enjoys flexibility both in terms of budget and installation space.

This type of activation allows to create a unique experience in offline, especially during festivals, where the effervescent framework leaves space for creativity to come up with the most spectacular solutions. In a context such as that of festivals, brands are expected to adapt to the space and perfectly complement the experience, through activations that show their usefulness within that framework.

The summer of 2022 is announcing to be a full one, and brands will look to reconnect with people offline, in the places they frequent and in ways that fulfill their expectations. It will be interesting to watch how these trends will make their way offline and how they will evolve further.

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