MADE TO BE SEEN POSMs that sell more in modern trade

We help retailers and global brands in boosting their sales and reaching a wider audience in the Modern Trade sector. By leveraging the concept of Made To Be Seen executions and utilizing Point of Sale Materials (POSMs), Mediascope provides a comprehensive strategy to drive customer engagement and increase product visibility. We strategically employ POSM (Point of Sale Marketing) in Modern Trade retail locations, particularly hypermarkets, using touchpoints to create an immersive and engaging shopping experience.

Starting with exterior visibility POSMs, these attention-grabbing displays and signage effectively attract customers and convey the store’s branding. Entrance visibility POSMs create a welcoming atmosphere, guiding shoppers inside with enticing visuals and clear messaging. Intermediate visibility POSMs, including secondary placements, strategically position products throughout the store, enhancing product discovery and encouraging impulse purchases. Impulse zone POSMs take the shopping experience to the next level by incorporating experiential theatrics and out-of-the-box displays, captivating customers’ attention and driving additional sales.

Finally, destination zone POSMs, such as shelf visibility displays, end of gondola decos, ensure that products are prominently showcased, making it easy for customers to find and select items. Through these well-placed POSM touchpoints, Modern Trade retail locations provide a memorable and visually stimulating shopping environment that promotes customer engagement and boosts sales.

Secondary placements


End-cap deco

Experiential theatrics

Shelf POSMs

Category management

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