Our trade shoppers really do shop

OFF-Trade retail locations leverage POSM (Point of Sale Marketing) touchpoints strategically to enhance the shopping experience for customers.

Starting with exterior visibility POSMs, these eye-catching displays and signage capture attention and draw customers into the store. Entrance visibility POSMs ensure a welcoming atmosphere, guiding shoppers inside with clear branding and enticing visuals. Intermediate visibility POSMs help customers navigate the store effortlessly, highlighting key product categories or promotions. Impulse zone POSMs, including secondary placements and counter displays, strategically position products near checkout areas to encourage last-minute purchases. Lastly, destination zone POSMs, such as shelf visibility displays, effectively showcase products on the shelves, making them easily discoverable for customers.

By utilizing these POSM touchpoints, OFF-Trade retail locations create an engaging and visually appealing shopping environment that maximizes product visibility and drives customer satisfaction.

Exterior Visibility POSM

Entrance Visibility POSM

Intermediate Visibility POSM

Secondary placements

Counter displays

Shelf Visibility POSM

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