How to own the HoReCa channel with Brand POSMs

HoReCa locations, including restaurants, cafes, and bars, strategically employ various POSM (Point of Sale Marketing) touchpoints to enhance the overall customer experience.

Exterior visibility plays a key role in attracting potential customers, with eye-catching signage and branding elements capturing attention from afar. Entrance visibility ensures a warm and inviting welcome, with clear signage and appealing displays. Intermediate visibility within the establishment ensures easy navigation, allowing customers to find various sections or amenities effortlessly. The table touchpoint involves well-designed displays or menus that showcase enticing offerings, while serving items like trays and buckets enhance the presentation of food and beverages. Staff touchpoints, such as branded apparel and clothing, contribute to a professional and cohesive atmosphere. The bar touchpoint encompasses visually appealing displays, refrigeration units, coasters, and glass racks, all adding to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the bar area.

Together, these POSM touchpoints create a visually appealing and engaging environment for HoReCa locations, leaving a positive and lasting impression on customers. HoReCa locations utilizing these POSM touchpoints are meticulously designed and Made To Be Seen.

Exterior Visibility POSM

Entrance Visibility POSM

Intermediate Visibility POSM

Table POSM

Serving POSM

Staff POSM


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